Gaucho Wine Festival (June 28-30)

For this special dinner, chef Fernando Becker prepared a wonderful menu inspired by the regional cuisine, which will be served on July 29, harmonized with special wines from the south of Brazil. Check out:

Mousseline of pinhão serrano with ginger foam
Gifts Lídio Carraro Chardonnay 2016


Brandade of Port Cod and Provençal Tapenade on Crunchy Baguette
Atelier Tormentas Monte Alegre Pinot Noir 2015


Navarin de Lamb Dorper and Moroccan Couscous of Vegetables and Dates
Bettú Nebbiolo 2006


White Chocolate Mousse Callebaut, Raspberry Biscuit and Almond Praline
Dunamis Ar Moscatel


Coffee, Tea and Mignardises Saint Andrews

* Harmonization of 125ml for each label that composes the festival.

Valor R$ 350,00 por pessoa.
(Não incluso impostos e taxas)

Informações e reservas:
(54) 3295-7700 ● WhatsApp (54) 99957-4220