Dinner Festival Costelão Gaúcho (September 21)

The Farroupilha Week, a popular festival celebrating Gaucho traditions in all cities of Rio Grande do Sul, is also celebrated at Saint Andrews Castle.
The Costelão Gaúcho Festival keeps the flame alive that originated this movement so important to the history and traditions of the Rio-Grandense Republic.

Our chef, Fernando Becker, prepared a traditional Gaucho dinner, with a primordial touch and essential care in the preparation, everything so that your experience is the most authentic Gaucho tradition. Check the menu:


Vegetables on the clothes line (cassava, broccoli, sweet potatoes, green corn, eggplant, zucchini)

Cress on the ground fire

Barbecue (picanha, maminha, emptiness, sausage in meter)

Accompaniments (white rice, organic leaf mix, bacon farofa)

Pineapple on the fire with Sugar and Cinnamon

* Open drinks menu and caipirinhas island.

Value $ 250, 00 per person.
(Not included taxes and fees)

Information and reservations:
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