Dinner Mineiro Festival with Cachaça (September 28)

The history of Minas Gerais cuisine refers to the very emergence of Minas Gerais and extends beyond the borders of the state. The beginning of the gold cycle in that region at the end of the XVII and beginning of the XVIII century gave birth to the first cities - Mariana and Ouro Preto, already inhabited by Indians.

According to it is the mixture of Africans, Indians, Portuguese and other foreigners that resulted in a rich and traditional cuisine. Manioc, for example, is common to indigenous and African cultures, as well as the preparation in clay pots, which is quite typical of Minas dishes.

The lovers of a good cachaça know of the mining tradition in producing this drink with quality and incomparable flavor, known internationally.

With this in mind, our Chef created a unique menu, with a mineral flavor wrapped in the aroma typical of the best cachaças from Minas Gerais. Check out:


Egg mollet with cheese canastra and brioche of the house
Dunamis Ser Sauvignon Blanc / Chardonnay Wine

Carrot and crispy leaf cabbage beans
Dunamis Color Merlot / Cabernet

Shrimp pink grilled in spices with pupunha palm and banana farofa
Dunamis Pinot Grigio

Pork belly no sous vide, mashed potatoes and red wine reduction
Dunamis Cabernet Franc

Sweet pumpkin neck with mince goat foam
Dunamis Moscatel

Tea, Coffee and Mignardises Saint Andrews

* Harmonization of 125ml for each label that composes the festival.

Value $ 400, 00 per person.
(Not included taxes and fees)

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