Valentine's Week at the Castle (June 7-16)

In the most romantic week of the year, come celebrate the love with the exclusive programming that we prepare.

The menu was exclusively prepared by the award-winning Chef Fernando Becker , who uses fresh and preferably organic ingredients, so that couples feel the essence of each dish. Dinner will be harmonized with several special vintages from the Dunamis winery.

Check out the harmonized menu, exclusive of Valentine's programming.


Cream of asparagus with crôutons and truffled olive oil
Dunamis Brut Champenoise


Crispy shrimp and panko farofa with pepper jelly
Dunamis Pinot Grigio


Sole, mackerel, peas and pickles
Dunamis Chardonay


Pururuca pork with soft polenta, demi glace and sweet potato straw
Dunamis Cabernet Franc


A thousand leaves of sweet milk with kinkan jelly
Dunamis Moscatel


Selection of teas from our garden or espresso Saint Andrews
* Harmonization of 125ml for each label that composes the festival.

Valor R$ 350,00 por pessoa.

Informações e reservas:
(54) 3295-7700 ● WhatsApp (54) 99957-4220