Inspired by the main tourist cities of the world, now Gramado and Canela have a modern panoramic tour bus service with two floors.

BusTour offers a free boarding and unloading system where passengers have the freedom to assemble the itinerary according to their time and interest, being able to go up and down as many times as they wish, to visit the parks and attractions.

In all, there are four buses circulating between 8:30 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. and it is possible to start the script from any point and at any time.

The vehicles have audio options in Portuguese, Spanish and English. In addition to the description of the itinerary and routes through stunning landscapes, it is also possible to learn about the history and culture of the region.

The itinerary includes parks and attractions farther away from the city centers, such as Snowland, Crystals of Gramado, Le Jardin, Alpen Park, Terra Mágica Florybal, Vale dos Dinosaurs Park, Caracol Waterfall, Aerial Bondinhos and Castelinho Caracol.

It is also possible to install the BusTour application on the mobile phone to check the complete route and monitor the location of the vehicles in real time, with loading and unloading times.

The itinerary offered includes 36 stopping points, passing through the most important attractions and sights of Gramado and Canela.

▪ Duration:
Buses run all day from 08h30 to 18h. Each vehicle will pass several times a day at the central points (center of Gramado and Canela and Avenida das Hortênsias) and in the further distances (such as Alpen Park, Crystals of Gramado, Le Jardin, Caracol Park, Aerial Bonds, Florybal Terra, Castelinho Caracol , Pinheiro Grosso, and Snowland).

▪ The tour includes:
- Ticket to BusTour;
- Monitoring of one monitor per vehicle.

▪ The tour does not include:
- Meals;
- Tickets to parks and attractions.

▪ Important notes:
- Tip: always carry a jacket on your trip. The breeze is cool on the top floor of the vehicle, but the scenery is a must. Enjoy to admire the contours of the Serra Gaúcha from a privileged place.
- It is necessary to present an official and original document with photo at the time of shipment.
- It is possible to embark on any of the points of preference, simply present the original ticket to the vehicle monitor.
- There may be delays or changes in itinerary schedules, without prior notice, due to traffic conditions.
- The tours may suffer changes or cancellations due to weather conditions or force majeure factors that impede the activity.

Stop Points (route order)

1 - Cathedral Canela (BusTour Shop)
2 - Alpen Park
1 - Cathedral Canela (BusTour Shop)
3 - Exit Centro Canela (H Sierra Nevada)
4 - Caracol Road (Caracol Sense)
5 - Magic Land Florybal
6 - Dinosaurs Valley Park
7 - Caracol Park
8 - Aircraft
9 - Ice World | Captain Jack
10 - Castelinho Caracol
11 - Pinheiro Grosso Park
12 - Station Restaurant
13 - Play House Florybal
14 - Coffee Colonial Gramado
15 - Wines Don Collise
16 - Wax Museum / Shop Lugano
17 - Super Cars
18 - Hollywood Dream Cars
19 - Sapatus
20 - Centro Gramado (Brocker Turismo)
21 - Mini World
22 - Bavarian Quarter (H. Laghetto Viale)
23 - Bairro Planalto (Alpine H)
24 - Lago Negro
25 - Snowland
26 - Crystals of Gramado
27 - Le Jardin Lavender Park
28 - Lago Joaquina Rita Bier (H Laghetto)
29 - Ethnic Square
30 - Av das Hortênsias (H Laghetto Siena)
31 - Chocolate Prawer
32 - Kingdom of the Chocolate Snail
33 - Steam World
34 - Museu do Automóvel Canela
35 - João Correa Square
1 - Cathedral Canela (BusTour Shop)