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Our team



An entire Saint Andrews team with the same mission: compare your wishes for as much as 24 hours a day and exceed your expectations.

Sympathy is just one of the details that make hotel stay a unique experience.

At St Andrews Gramado, all the staff are informed in advance about how each guest's preferences are so that you are taken care of as you deserve.

If the architecture of the Saint Andrews Gramado resembles a palace, the services will make you feel at one.

The Saint Andrews team has 33 highly trained staff. Most employees are fluent in at least 2 languages ​​and all are consistently receiving unmatched excellence training to meet and exceed their highest expectations.

Umberto Beltramea - General Manager

Originally from Novara, Italy, He graduated from the Italian School of Hospitality G. Pastore, he has extensive experience in luxury hotels after having worked in different units associated with The Leading Hotels of the World. In Brazil, he was operations manager of the Othon Palace Hotel Salvador, executive vice-manager of the Tivoli Collection Ecoresort Praia do Forte, also in Bahia, and food & beverage consultant at Ponta dos Ganchos Resort in Florianópolis. On the Mauritius Islands, he served as food and beverage manager for the Royal Palm Hotel. Beltramea worked with the Hilton International group for nine years.

Lucas Dócolas - Account Manager


Specializing in Hospitality and Food & Beverage by Castelli Superior School of Hotel Management, Lucas Luiz Dócolas assumes the management of accounts at the Saint Andrews Hotel, Brazil's first exclusive house.

Dócolas began his career in 2009 at the Serrano Resort Gramado, also of a high standard, followed by Hotel Casa da Montanha, both located in Gramado.

He also worked for 3 years as a butler at the Saint Andrews Hotel, a period that allowed him to profoundly get to know the differentiated service offered by the hotel and which prepared him as a professional to take over.

André Soares - Chef

He was in charge of the kitchen of five of the most important hotels, such as the Ponta dos Ganchos Exclusive Resort Relais & Chateaux, in Governador Celso Ramos (SC) and the Unique Garden SPA & Hotel, in Mairiporã (SP). He also worked in other iconic hotels in the country, such as Renaissance and Meliá in São Paulo, and worked with important chefs such as Michel Darqué, Laurent Suaudeau and Vincent Koperski.