Fondue Festival (May 17-19)

The most charming season of the year brings to the Castle of Saint Andrews, a program that enhances the regional gastronomic culture and brings fondues exclusive and harmonized with wines from the Serra Gaúcha.
The Fondue Festival also includes an exclusive experience of regional wines at the award-winning Gourmet Winery of the Castle, and will be attended by a specialist for presentation on the manufacturing process of labels and special tastings.
The Gourmet Winery at Saint Andrews Castle is internationally recognized and awarded. There are hundreds of labels around the world that are constantly being renewed. There is a strict curation, developed by our sommelier, to enrich of novelties and rarities in the winery, following trends and demands of the customers.

The word "fondue" is a female flexion for the verb "to melt," something like "melted" or "melted". It is said that the origin of the plate is Swiss and that it was created during the Second War, due to the impossibility of the peasants of the mountain regions to seek food in the cities because of the war and the low temperature. The first fondue recipe is documented in a recipe book written in Zurich in 1699. The 320-year-old dish has become Switzerland's national symbol and is always a great way to warm up the cold days.
On May 18, we will have a special dinner at the award-winning Primrose Restaurant, consisting of a sequence of 4 different fondues, harmonized by 4 wine glasses from the Serra Gaúcha. Check out the complete menu prepared by chef Fernando Becker:


Fondue to the Sea
Shrimp, Scallops, Mussels and Sole to be prepared at Court-Bouillon. Dill Dip, Tapenade Provençal, Capers Dip and Lemon Emulsion.


Cheese Fondue
Baguette, Olive Bread, Rye Bread, Potatoes, Mushrooms, Broccoli and Tomatoes to be dipped in a creamy blend of imported cheeses.


Beef Fondue
Red Angus Filet Mignon Baits to be prepared on a Bourguignon and Black Truffle Sauce, Dijon Mustard Pate, Foie Gras Emulsion and Gorgonzola Dip.


Chocolate fondue
Belgian Chocolate Syrup Callebaut and Cognac escorted by Turkish Damascus, Season Fruits and Laminated Almonds.
* Harmonization of 125ml for each label that composes the festival.

Diamond Suite - R $ 23,000.00
Amber and Crystal, Pine and Stone Suites - R $ 16,500.00
Jade Suite - R $ 14,000.00
Suites Topaz, Turquoise, Onyx and Ruby - R $ 13.000,00
Pearl, Esmeralda and Granada Suites, Green, Gray, Blue and White - R $ 11,500.00
Silver and Gold Suites - R $ 8,000.00
Programming for the week includes:
● Special reception by the team with a welcome drink;
● 7 traditional breakfasts, served in the conservatory with exceptional tasting menu;
● 24-hour butler service;
● Concierge service;
● Special dinner of Fondues;
● Theme dinner "Romantic Autumn".
● BusTour: A delightful CityTour tour between Gramado and Canela with a modern panoramic tour bus service with two floors, inspired by the main tourist cities of the world ( click here and see more details );
● Wine Tour: A unique and exclusive experience in the Serra Gaúcha, experiencing a complete visit inside two award-winning boutique wineries. In this experience is included a special lunch in a typical Italian canteen, and a visit to a colonial cheese factory ( click here to see more details ).
● Royal Afternoon Tea: Served punctually at 5pm, according to English tradition, Afternoon Tea is a delightful experience. Everything is prepared traditionally by our chef ( click and know ).
● Relaxing Therapy: It consists of a wonderful relaxing massage for the couple, which benefits the flexibility and increases the blood circulation of the body, as well as creating a sense of well-being and joy, which helps calm the body and mind (duration of 40 minutes).
Diamond Suite - R $ 9,600.00
Suites: Amber, Crystal, Pine and Stone - R $ 7,000.00
Jade Suite - R $ 6,000.00
Suites: Topaz, Turquoise, Onyx and Ruby - R $ 5,600.00
Suites: Pearl, Emerald, Grenada, Green, Gray, Blue and White - R $ 5,000.00
Suites: Silver and Gold - R $ 3,600.00
The program includes:
● Special reception by the team with a welcome drink;
● 2 traditional breakfasts, served in the conservatory with exceptional tasting menu;
● 24-hour butler service;
● Concierge service;
● Special dinner of Fondues;

2 diárias na semana (no período entre 15h de domingo e 12h de sexta-feira)
Os hóspedes poderão escolher entre Terapia Relaxante para o casal ou tradicional Royal Afternoon Tea + jantar “Menu Confiance” exclusivo do chef do Castelo. Você ainda terá muitos atrativos para aproveitar no Castelo como: suítes luxuosas, café da manhã (menu degustação) , serviço de mordomia, jardins espetaculares, maravilhosa vista para o Vale do Quilombo, restaurante Primrose, adega gourmet, cigar lounge, piscina aquecida, sauna, spa, academia e muito mais.

A cortesia é válida também nos finais de semana com os Festivais:
  • Festival de Fondue (17 a 19 de maio)
       (Promoção válida para o casal, na suíte escolhida. Consulte disponibilidade.)

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